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Noor Ibrahim:Performance:Society of silence

2013-03-10-10-19-18.jpgNoor Ibrahim est un artiste indonésien.Il résidera du 10 Octobre au 15 Octobre à IGDA.  le 10 Octobre  il  prévoit une "promenade" dans notre ville de Caen, avec prise de photos des volontaires rencontrés sur notre route posant avec les masques aluminium de sa création... Il proposera ensuite d'échanger autour d'un verre dans la galerie. 

Concept :

"According to the knowledge of Java all babies born to this world twin seven. The first time a child is born into this world, the first out of the mother's womb is called amniotic fluid in the literature of Java the first older brother called Sastro Jendro. Then me was born, followed by a third in the literatures of Java called hayuningrat (placenta). at birth from infancy to puberty in a matter of Java 16 years less five days. Is the time in which the children of men recognize four brothers. Four  brother who are the definition of vision, breathing, hearing, pronunciation. Eyes = elements of water, Nose = air element, Ear = the element of fire, Mouth = elements of the Land. Therefore be limited in knowledge of Java 16 years is the age of the heavenly. Also mentioned as having human children age seven times imprisoned. Sastro Jendro  Hayuningrat this is about justice human child. It's about the energy in the body is connected to a large space that is outside the body of the universe. Human nature between the physical and metaphysical world. Energy amid a wave of right brain and left brain. About the earth and sky energy, energy as well as fathers and mothers. It is narrated in the science of java every human child who has seven siblings energy and energy from her father. He will be enlightened about this life. And the Ancestors will be connected to aegis.

Mask artwork is created based on aesthetic creations, and also the experience of seeing visions in meditation. This combination looks beyond the normal limit of mask artwork in general. Faces the inside of the mask is an actual vision  (Inkonfeso). Meditation in Java knowledge is silent, feeling the movement of life energy in the body. In the Java language called Ngliyep malebur Gumelar ing Jagad universe. Looks beyond the face mask and face mask looks in the same shape. This is exactly the atmosphere in meditation when I saw my own face, and see the faces of the others. The faces that I did not recognize, such as wandering in nature between light and dark. Destruction of human experience in the universe therefore ...... let's get back inside the human self  be strong in the face of destruction.

Greetings from Yogyakarta, Java"

Nur Ibrahim ( artist )










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